20 shocking changes of the people

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Most of you might remember “The Ugly Duckling” by the poet from Denmark and the author ,named Hans Christian Anderson which was published in the year of 1843. Almost everyone who read the book felt the story like a fairy tale and it gained a lot of popularity during it’s own time as it was too relatable to the daily struggles of the common people out there. The book was filled with some of the very heart-warming stories talking about some of the shocking transformation of some people for good. It stalker about their daily struggle and challenge faced by them in their day to day live to become a stronger and more promising human being. The best of the book is when the author narrate the qualities and transformations of them about their inner beauty than their outer beauty and how the inner beauty is more important than the physical or outer appearance.

The kind of reigniting story that the ugly duckling of Hans Christian Anderson narrated to the people made it to catch a lot of fire in the minds of the people after reading the book completely. This book inspired it’s readers so much that after reading the book people from different places shared their pictures of transformation which showed their before and after condition in different social social media and internet. Almost each and every pictures uploaded by a person was unique and their transformation looked quite shocking. Looking at those shocking pictures inspires us a lot which ultimately makes us feel that time has lot to offer to each and every individual and that we must never lose hope instead work harder to achieve something great in life. Even after decades of the publishing of that book , we got a lot of bloomers which when compared with before and after looked as worthy as the others.


Here, we bring you 20 such shocking pictures of transformation where you will able to barely recognize them. It is reported that all of them were inspired by the book “Ugly Ducklings” by Hans Christian Anderson.

1.Well this is the transformation of a 12 years old girl all through her puberty, adolescence till her adulthood to 22 years. This pictures clearly shows the amount of change she has gone through though these 10 years. Well, the transformation pretty much grew all over her face.

2.Those who think themselves to be ugly and feel taken aback from the society, don’t be disappointed. Here, we bring you a real example which shows two ugly twins in their adolescence turned out to be pretty much beautiful and attractive after 10 years of esteem and self-care to themselves.

3.It often happens when everyone calls you ugly and instead of taking it as a negative comment you take it as a compliment and start to take care of yourself. The result comes out quite shocking , as you can see a girl of 11 years and 21 years of age. You will really fall into dilemma whether the two are same or different.

4.Everybody in her childhood mocked at him as she behaved like a boy and dressed like one. But, the same people who mocked at her at the age of 12 and left her, were left speechless when they saw her at the age of 20.

5.At the age of 13 he loved coding and had an appearance like a studd. Sp, everyone around him used to make fun of him for coding. But, with time and hard work, at the age of 30, he has a big salary just for coding and looks quite attractive with that beard.

6.Generally, people take a considerable amount of time, say 5 to 10 years atleast to transform themselves. But, this guy here transformed himself within just 2 years, which made everyone shocked and speechless. His 19 yeas look and look at the age of 21 years have hell and heaven difference which is shocking.

7.This girl here says that within 4years of time she changed herself. She told that before that she didn’t take care of herself at all and when she looked at herself at the mirror she used to feel bad and disliked her appearance. But, slowly she started being nicer towards herself and with no time she could not realise how much change she has gone though. Now you will be shocked looking at her 4 years before and after.

8.This is what happens when an athlete turns out to be a scholar. While playing his favourite game Rugby, he got an injury and lost 50 kilograms which was serious. Soon after he recovered, he got himself enrolled in a University and has completed his M.Sc in Mathematics.

9.Looking at the transformation pictures of this lady ,no one would believe that they are the same person. But, actually in reality they are the same, who with her will power and hard work , transformers herself to what she is today. It is shocking yet reality. Isn’t it?

10.This guy was determined to make himself look smart and attractive so, he took his sweet time of 5 years . This picture is the proof of that lady at the age of 17 and at the age of 22 years. It is really shocking yet real.

11.Look at her picture when she was 14 years old and the picture when she is 23 years old. You will merely find any similarity between the two photos, and this transformation is truly amazing.

12.Thus guy has grown a real attractive and prominent jawline which took him 5 long years to bring forth. The pictures here shows how he looked at the age of 18 and at the age of 23, what an amazing transformation.

13. Everyone in this list so far has tried very hard by changing their daily habits, diet , working out and so on to look perfect . But this guy here, has just reduced his weight and see how amazing he looks. Although, it seems that he had to try real hard to transform himself but in reality he had only reduced his weight to look like what he is today.

14.The boy in the picture at the left hand side is the same in the right hand side just with a slight difference on time. The former is a picture of his early twenties whereas the later is the picture of his late twenties.

15.He is now 25, lost some weight and put on some muscle and looks so amazing.

16.During his early ages, everybody used to call him Justin Bieber. But, to stop all these , he just lost some weight and put on some muscles to look good. The picture in the left hand side is his picture when he was 17 years old, and the right hand side picture is when he is 23 years old. Now, no one calls him Justin Bieber anymore. Quite a good transformation.

17.This is really a jaw dropping scenario as it seems that it is not normal at all. This girl turned out to be so pretty just in 6 years. The pictures of her 15 years and 21 years are so different. Worthy transformation.

18.This man doesn’t look that ugly although but, with time he grew up to he much more handsome and attractive from just 17 to 21 years of age. Seeing at home, we just adore him for this transformation.

19.Looking at the old picture of this boy everyone can find it that he didn’t look that attractive and handsome. Everyone used to mock him by calling him “pretty” so that, he could feel bad. But , eventually as he grew up he really grew up to be handsome and no body ever mocked him for anything.

20. This lady had her transformation just by losing a considerable amount of weight and growing quite attractive and beautiful. She did this during her 16 years of age till 23 years of age.
These are some shocking yet real transformation of human beings which would leave you speechless and shocked.

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