Boyfriends of Instagram

Today, social media has reached a new height where people want to keep everyone updated about their personal lives. They seem to be obsessed with the picture perfect life. Do you ever think how do these pretty girls take such flawless perfect shots? Who captures them to make them look like a dream? No you guessed it wrong its none other than their boyfriends who help these girls take such classy candid pictures.

Yes,you heard it right!! if you are a teen this might not be a new thing for you. These beautiful ladies have their full faith on their boyfriends to take a professional photographs to achieve the best shots. The boyfriends are the ones behind the lens capturing their super cute girlfriends in candid shots. It was always a big question in the minds that how are these pictures taken!! Thanks to social networking sites like facebook and instagram where a page called “Boyfriends of Instagram” exposed these men taking pictures of their girls.

This page was created by two Australian men where people have posted pictures of men taking all ranges of shot from literally flying in the air to lying on the ground to get that perfect shot. Nothing seem to be difficult for these dedicated men.

Scroll below to see some pictures of these dedicated men to see some real hilarious poses. And don’t forget to vote for your favs and comment down below:

1.One picture shows so many stories. Lol! These super dedicated boyfriends leave no stone to impress their girls with their photography skills. One of the boyfriends is on his feet, other on his knees and the third in water trying to capture the “perfect” candid shot.

2.This super adorable picture shows age is no bar when you are in love. This aged couple show how to capture the moment and make it perfect. The man is seen taking an adorable candid shot of his lady love. Already a favourite ,isn’t it?

3.Here, the guy with camera got captured while capturing skills of his girlfriend doing a handstand. He is trying to capture this cinematic photo of his girlfriend from a different angle.


4.This boyfriend was captured while giving some genuine advice to his girlfriend Janet while flying in air to show his girl how to pose for the picture perfect. Jeez!!! The man is more interested in getting the best shot of girl. This is real dedication,isn’t it?


5.This is a next level photography with a next level dedication. The man is probably tired of clicking pictures of his girl. He is probably relaxing on the street . Lol!

6.Yes!! You can click a picture while stretching too. So here is a full family stretching photo.

7.This guy seems to be a marine. Capturing the perfect picture with beach waves is more important than the camera getting damaged. This picture is definitely giving beach vibes.

8.People would do anything for a good photo. The man can take photo of his girl even on a moving train.Jeez!!!!

9.The picture shows that you can always use your muscle strength to get innovative photography ideas. These men cannot risk the chance to impress the girls with their unique photography skills.

10.“Want a good picture? No problem. I can climb a tree for you” this couple show they can do anything to everything for photo. This is the way to get your candid photo in mini flower garden. **wink wink**

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