cyber attacks of the days

Hacking computers in today’s generation is no deal for hackers now . Cyber attack has become very popular in recent times and you should be aware about the fact and protect your computers from them . You won’t even know when your computer got hacked . All you need is to become smarter with our guidance which would give the hacker a straight forward message that you are not new in this game .
Below are the 12 signs which you should always keep in your mind :

  • You find your antivirus is switched off .

The first thing a hacker would do is switch off your antivirus system for better access to your computer . if you were not the one to switch off the antivirus , then it is obvious that someone has definitely hacked it .

  • Incorrect password starts bugging you!!

This is another thing a hacker would like to do first . When he has access to your computer he will also know all your passwords and in no case the passwords are going to be the same .

  • Suddenly you find your friends list increasing drastically .

This will further give you a hint that someone has logged into your social media profiles . You find new people popping up on your news feed whom you don’t remember adding . This might be because someone hacked your profile .

  • You find new icons on dashboard .

You find certain new icons on dashboard which you don’t remember adding . You may delete them for now but it is clear enough that your systems are getting hacked .

  • You see your cursor moving here and there without you operating anything .

Now, this might seem small thing to some people but this should not be ignored since these are the smallest signs which you should give due importance . This is the hacker doing it when your cursor is moving without your consent .

  • Your printer isn’t working as it used to !!

Your printer is working in a different way and not obeying your commands . This is a time to know your computer got hacked when the printer is not printing what you want or is printing entirely different things .

  • You find you are being forwarded to a humber of different sites .

Do you find this while searching something on google ? You are directed to a number of useless and pointless pages out of nowhere .

  • Files getting deleted !!

You find your files getting deleted all of a sudden it is high time you should understand that this might be the work of that hacker trying to create a havoc .

  • Someone is putting your personal data on internet . And ohhh , that’s not you .

You find someone is posting all of your personal information publicly on internet . It can be a dangerous threat to you and you must immediately remove all your information from your computer to prevent further damage !! Also , contact the cyber crime department .

  • Strange antivirus warnings

When you find such warnings , fold you sleeves as someone has entered your system and is trying to steal your data . These are not normal warnings you see everyday .

  • Webcam indicator constantly blinks .

If you find this problem try to reboot your computer first . If the problem is persistent after the next 10 minutes your computer is in real trouble and needs immediate help .

  • Computer becomes dead slow .

You find your computer taking unusual time for doing the smallest work and the internet connection is unbelievably slow you must understand that your computer is definitely hacked .

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