Makeup faces never seen in your life

Sometimes you got to take some tough decisions in life which turns out to be the best decision ever made in your lives . One such decision was taken by Mimi Choi – a preschool teacher who had quit her job to fulfill her dreams . Today , Mimi Choi is a famous name on instagram who has garnered immense popularity in short time with her amazing makeup illusions which she creates . No, she is not like the other beauty bloggers . She is unique in her style of makeup which at times looks creepy as hell . She always wanted to do this and took this well thought decision which turned out to be a success for her .

Her talent can blow your mind because she has got the potential of an artist and can really fascinate you with her skills .
Mimi Choi is high on illusion and has an ocean of artistic ideas within her . Here are the few pictures we have collected 10 of her art which could help portray the illusionary mindset of this young artist which could make you dumbstruck :

1 . Few of them are too terrifying and can chill your bones but one has to appreciate the piece of art she possesses .

2 . This is a well cut out piece of art or a chopped face .

3 . The collection is filled with more such creepy and horrific makeup art .

4 . Creepy enough , isn’t it ?

5 . No doubt , Mimi Choi has set an example for others by quitting the job and doing what she loves but she does not fails to freak people out .

6 . The effort she puts behind these makeup art is beyond words and looks surreal which made her so popular on social networking . Her art is a mixture of makeup blended with fantasy .

7 . Mimi Choi was a pre school teacher but she took a bold yet incredible decision quitting her job and dedicating all her time to makeup with full dedication . This looks creepy yet worth appreciating .

8. The illusion which she creates with her makeup is so unique and remarkable .

9. The decision that Mimi Choi took shows that dreams are worth chasing and one must be willing to do anything to do it . She is a major inspiration to all those who fear quitting their jobs that they hate , in order to pursue their dreams.

10. If you look at it any longer you’ll have nightmares definitely , terrifying as it might be to look at but at the same time you would want to appreciate the art .

She also made a black hole on her face just like that in space . she yet again proves why she has gained that popukarity on social networking sites. No doubt, the art looks creepy enough but she is high on creativity.

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