Lenovo’s new edge server not bigger than a notebook- Internet of things

The (DCG) Lenovo’s data centre group which has posted its fifth quarter of growth in profit on the revenue of $1.6 billion. It has revealed the portfolio of lot/edge related services and products in Mobile World Congress which has its residence in Barcelona.

The ThinkSystem SE350

The first of Lenovo’s purpose-built edge server is created to exist without depending on the traditional data centre but in areas not far away from where the data is created. It is done to address the problems in security, bandwidth, downtime, latency. It is a very small footprint server which measures 1.75 inches high, 14.9 inches deep and 8.1 inches wide. This can be placed on the wall and it can be fixed on the shelf or filled in the rack.

The ThinkSystem SE350 is actually a high- performance server which is based on the Intel’s processor Xeon-D with 256GB of RAM and the solid state internal storage of 16TB. Many of the connectivity options are provided which will include wired Ethernet, cellular LTE and Wi-Fi. It can be used in many of the locations where security is important and considered essential.

The ThinkSystem SE350 involves the encrypted storage and the security features which are physical in nature that appears to be bezel. It contains the intrusion and mechanisms of tamper-detection. The server will contain ‘zero touches’ software for deployment.

The ThinkSystem SE350 will arrive in the market this summer for the public.

The partnerships of edge/IoT

Lenovo has combined with the many industries partnering to support the various edge/IoT cases. The partners like Pivot3 considered as the architecture for performance. It is simple and intelligent for backing any kind of workload. It prioritises the resources for the most important of the workload.

It is working with Lenovo on some of the smart city projects. The other industry partner is scale computing. They are the leaders in the edge computing innovation. They are simply powerful, innovative and simple. They correct the problems in real time to achieve maximum uptime even if the staffs are less in number.

They are working with Lenovo which will make the retail customers use the mini-data centres at the edge of the networks. VMware has the project dimension which will cover the VMware cloud to well-defined software and data centre in an appliance which is hyper-converged in nature. This can be used for service. The software vendors and service providers of communication in the growing areas such as MEC (multi-access edge computing) and also the other one C-RAN (cloud radio access network) with the addition of Orange with the help of whom Lenovo has made a joint partnership for innovations.

This partnership will focus on beneficial matters such as composable hardware which utilises the Intel Rack Scale Design. This design will increase the agility and can swim through the demands of innovations.
It is believed that these projects of Lenovo and its established partnerships will prove to be effective for many of its planned and organised innovations for the future.

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