To get their work done employees use unapproved social messaging apps

There is widespread news that many workers are opting for non approved messaging apps for their work to be done. A social networking enterprise situated in Amsterdam, Holland conducted a survey for more than 1000 employees. This survey was done to know about the desk employees internal communication systems. It was also arranged to know about employee preferences when talking about communication. It is a problem for non-desk workers as they work in retail stores, restaurants, warehouses and hospitals because they literally work on their feet and they have many situations where they have to communicate with their colleagues.

The survey displayed that more than 64 percent of workers are using communication mediums in the workplace. Almost one out of five non-desk employees use communication apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, telegram as their primary source of communication in the workplace. They have work-related conversations through these channels and the most important part about it is the internal HR communication department is not aware of this. It is also been found in that survey that more than 53 percent of workers use these unapproved messaging apps more than six to seven times a day.

The mainstream social messaging apps used

In the survey it was asked to the employees about the most important criteria when receiving a business message most of them told that they want to receive more about the new product and promotions. The two-way communication can be hindered when there is a lack of proper information and cooperation in the workplace.

Many employees have told that their biggest stress is the miscommunication and lack of collaboration when passing a business-related message. There is also no proper medium through which they can do it in a professional way. This is the reason why the non-desk employees use unapproved mediums to pass on or communicate a particular message to the head office, to the chief or to their colleagues. In this way, the new age message apps are very advantageous for almost many businesses.

Even though apps like WhatsApp and facebook messenger is of great help for non-desk employees they are banned in many countries for professional purposes due to the general data protection act. From May 2018 many businesses have completely banned the usage of these messaging apps in the workplace to comply with the EU general data protection.

A Deutsche bank recently banned the usage of SMS through WhatsApp and other social messaging services as confidential documents of the bank were at risk. Mr Patrick the co-founder said that just because these apps are easily available they are not the right choice to use and they can cause serious problem to any organisation. He further added that the use of these unapproved apps is not appropriate for regulated industries as there are high possibilities of breach of data.

This ban of social messaging apps for the business has raised quite a lot of questions about the communication channels available other than these. However, the employees should be able to have the freedom to use the tools which they think is convenient to get the work done efficiently.

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