Windows for the robots- The Microsoft is releasing the new windows server for the IoT

The new IoT server

The edge devices and the robots will get a new type of windows. Microsoft has discussed the release of IoT windows server of 2019. This is the version of the windows for the small and less powered devices of the internet of things. The windows server IoT of the year 2019 is the ‘binary equivalent’ to the windows servers of 2019 which is created to aid the developers who know about building an environment of windows server.

The IoT type of windows servers of the year 2019 is especially useful for the original manufacturers of the equipment (OEMs). It is for the businesses that create products for the retail, manufacturing, healthcare and other types of industries. It has got the 5 years of support and backing and another 5 years of support extended for using the licensing model which is suitable for the devices that need support windows for long periods of time.

Its benefits

The Microsoft is planning the windows server 2019 for the businesses that create network recording of the videos or high-end gateways which are connected to a large number of sensors that provide backing in real time for the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It is for the purpose of examining and analysing the insights offered.

In the previous year, Microsoft revealed the trial of robot operating system (ROS) for the windows which has given the developers some tools for utilising visual studio for creating and making applications powered by robots. It also involves the IoT services and Microsoft’s Azure AI. Till that time the company did not reveal much information about the plans on the approaches of industrial robots. This is at the moment offering the services to the warehouses for the purpose of distribution to the shoppers online. They are becoming an important factor for promoting manufacturing, healthcare and transportation.

Microsoft is saying that the developers and creators can now deploy “commercial-grade” robot operating system applications on the windows to cause the devices to be on edge of networks. They will become smarter when they use Azure Cognitive Services. Microsoft has also displayed a public review of the windows 10 IoT Core along with Azure services working on the Dutch Chip maker, the processors such as i.MX 8M Mini and NXP’s i.MX 8M. This has made the Microsoft venture further into the line of an affair with Linux.

The family of application processors design i.MX 8M will provide secure and safe and also optimised devices full of power. Windows shares that it will have an intelligent edge that will offer the developers options to choose from between Windows IoT and Linux. The windows 10 IoT initiative will help you to get additional support from the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon. It will help you stay always connected to the IoT devices. This enterprise of Microsoft will be really useful for the users because in the age of the internet of things it is really essential to stay always connected.

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